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here are some things people say... maybe you've even said something...

claudia (netherlands) - 'i am so happy i found you! you guys are doing a great job and having continuous access to great music makes my life better. thanks! :-)' (august 15th, 2004)

holden (hamburg, germany) - '...your site, your music, your engagement - it's contagious, inspiring and challenging at the same time - god, why can't i have and host such a site? it's like a restaurant - doing stuff for others to enjoy. only you serve music. sometimes i wish for more dj-technique in terms of mixing things up and stuff like that, you know?! but just the choice of the music is impressive enough. ok enough of compliments and keep on going.' (august 10th, 2004)

andrew (california, u.s.a.) - 'just wanted to send you a email to give you massive love and respect for your website. the site was brought to my attention about a month ago and i feel like a fool for not knowing about it earlier! i've been constantly on this site since and linking people all over.' (august 9th, 2004)

stephen (neasden control centre, uk) - '...listening to the excellent i:cube mix at the mo - keep rocking though some excellent stuff on milk. always. we did Jon kennedy's first album design - he s a gooden.' (august 7th, 2004)

simon (uk) - 'i've been listening to milk. for a while now. i really enjoy. i have the pleasure of working shifts, so on the long nights when i'm alone in the office i like nothing more than switching milk on. it's part of my day or night. there is so much here i don't know how you do it. i am a bedroom hobbyist dj and have been for decade or so. i have no real ambition to be a super star dj, i just like to collect records mix what will mix listen and play the rest. it's good stuff. your site has opened my mind to new music labels and artists cheers. just want to say thanks keep up the good work. it's what the web is for.' (july 31st, 2004)

r.harvey (cyberspace...) - 'you're an awesome and rare find in a world full of music force-feed to me. please continue what you're doing. i'm totally enlightened by your websight!!' (july 30th, 2004)

adam (uk) - 'thank you for your amazing site. i came to it through knowing dom servini and was having a little listen last night. so now it's first on my favourites bar...' (july 19th, 2004)

tim (tokyo) - 'ooooooohhhhh... beanfield mix. quality. suns shining here, beer in hand, gal on my arm.... all is good and as it should be, thank you.' (july 17th, 2004)

brian (ottawa, ontario, canada) - 'hey gani, i'm 25 now so 8 years ago i would have been 17 and in highschool. i had always heard whisperings about these fictional milk. parties but never really knew what it was all about. in uni i started exploring my more electronic side and found that i was particularly drawn to the sexy sounds of jazzy/disco/down-tempo/bossa house. as with most things, when you immerse yourself into something you become exposed to other things at the same time... hence my exposure to milk. parties. i'm an engineer now in ottawa with less time to enjoy your do's in t.o. but the audio. gets me through my day. i've been listening for quite a while now and it's better than coffee i swear. your music, and the good vibe you guys seem to give off, never fails to put a smile on my face and to put my feet in motion. good times...' (july 15th, 2004)

chris (cyberspace...) - 'this is the best website i've seen thus far. you guys are doing a good job, keep it up.' (july 13th, 2004)

dir (antwerp, belgium) - 'just recieved your latest newsletter from milk. 2 years already on the web: congratulations!! it's wonderful to know that is such a good medium for non-commercial quality music from both sides of the ocean. it also proves to me that north america has more cultural weight to offer than "a quarter pounder with cheese" (you know how some europeans use to think about northern america' cultural capacities). i've recommended milk. to my friends lately, so you can expect more listeners for milkaudio in belgium. keep doing what you do, you got my support!' (june 9th, 2004)

andrea (cyberspace...) - 'i'm a very frequent user of your site. yhank you very much for providing us with so much good music!' (june 7th, 2004)

mark (cyberspace...) - 'just have to give my thanks for developing and sharing a great site. i love all the mixes and have pretty much listened to all of '04' already. you know i'm going to have to go back into the crates of '03 and '02 to keep my milk.-fix going. keep up the awesome work and i'll keep comin!' (june 5th, 2004)

dave (australia) - '...i just wanted to thankyou for all of the killer stuff up milk. there is a serious amount of good listening and info :) milk. keeps me up to date with what's going on around the world!' (june 4th, 2004)

akello (cyberspace...) - 'vibing off the dilla stream, loving it to death, for real... milk. got that hottttttnesss or in block terms, the hot shit!' (may 28th, 2004)

dj wise (france) - 'hi guys, just to let u know that i enjoy so much ur stuffs... killer grooves. i just admire what u built up so far. terrific.' (may 28th, 2004)

dj tab (new york, new york, u.s.a.) - 'after randomly linking to your site on the net a few weeks ago, i must say that I am quite impressed with the quality of mixes you have assembled. (it's also, incidentally, great music to keep me distracted during my day job.)' (may 26th, 2004)

anthony (cyberspace...) - '...your site is tops. it's the type of website that i've always wanted to do if i had the resources and connections. big up. thanks for having it out there.' (may 26th, 2004)

david (mikey, u.s.a.) - 'nice site, chill jammies, low hype. y'all don't forget to check out for more of what you like. we're all in this together...' (may 5th, 2004)

david (atlanta, georgia, u.s.a.) - 'your website... it's dope. keep up the good work...' (april 20th, 2004)

magda (poland) - 'hello i'm magda from poland. that's great that you keep your milk. project in progress. especially thanks for the minus 8 mix!! lovely, delicious, yummmmmyyyyy :) pozdrawiam serdecznie ;)' (april 14th, 2004)

achim (germany) - 'just wanted to give you my props for your really, really phat site!' (april 7th, 2004)

simon (cyberspace...) - 'i've long been checking out milkaudio & for me it hosts some of the best mixes on the web. good work fella's!' (april 5th, 2004)

anneka (amsterdam, netherlands) - 'i randomly found your site last night when i was looking for some music on the web. you had exactly what i was looking for! i've been a dance/music deprived student for the last few years (i'm from toronto, but i'm studying in amsterdam), and i was actually up and dancing around my little apt. for the first time since I got here! i love it! keep up the good work!' (april 1st, 2004)

neal (cyberspace...) - 'this is the best site out there! hands down... or up! i've been looking for a resource like this for years, and now i find it right in my own back yard. i hope your bandwith can handle the volume it is going to get. i have sent this to all of my friends, and so far nothing but praise for you guys. i look forward to the next milk. event(s), keep the beats going.' (april 1st, 2004)

matt (cyberspace...) - 'thanks for such an amazing site, and all the great music which i would have no opportunity to hear anywhere else!' (march 18th, 2004)

andy (bermuda) - 'dear milk., if i remember correctly, you jokers were doing parties at top of the market in kensington and that place we'ave... like nye '98 maybe? a madhouse as i recall. that was a while ago... i came across when i was giving a party promoter in vancouver a case study in how to grow at a reasonable rate... little did i know you guys were still going/growing... 7 years or more is something to be proud of! i've since moved to bermuda and haven't been to a milk. party in many years. anyhow, just wanted to say keep up the hard work... if you ever make it down to bermuda give a holler and bring some records!' (march 18th, 2004)

john (cyberspace...) - 'thanks for the heavenly music you have been posting!! the blackbeard mix is the bomb!! every compost radio show is the bomb!! your show is damn tight too! keep on posting and i'll keep listening!!' (march 13th, 2004)

roy (evanston, illinois, u.s.a.) - 'hey guys, i'm a student at northwestern university in evanston, illinois (just outside of Chicago) and since being turned onto two years ago have been a devoted fan. i just got my own radio show at the university's radio station, wnur, which has just been voted best college radio station in the country by spin magazine, and your format provides constant inspiration for me. aside from providing a constant background tone for my endless hours of programming assignments, you are also the resource for finding out about new music. and besides, michael rutten's german accent rules! keep doing what you're doing. with my new radio show I'll try to help spreading the gospel.' (march 8th, 2004)

karen (vancouver, british columbia, canada) - 'hey gani, your has made my lifestyle move from toronto to vancouver such a pleasure... i still feel in touch with what's going on in the toronto downtown scene of music and really appreciate the amazing new artists and labels that you put online daily. i have hooked up some friends out here with your site and they're pretty impressed as well. keep it coming!' (march 3rd, 2004)

simon (sheffield, uk) - 'wordup guys, just listening to one of your many mixes on the fantastic website. i found out about milkaudio initially a couple of months ago from seeing a review in the guardian guide, and now i visit almost every time i'm on the internet. i like the idea of you having guest dj's from all over the world appearing on your radio shows, from mr. scruff (a personal fave of mine) to dimitri. i've been telling all my mates about the site too, so good luck and keep up the good work.' (february 26th, 2004)

tim (utrecht, netherlands) - 'just a little thank you from the netherlands. you guys are responsible for one of the best (if not the best) online sources of good quality music streams. especially the wide range of guest mixes and your milk radio show are very special and almost part of my daily routine. keep up the good work' (february 22nd, 2004)

aika (l.a., california, usa) - 'i love your site. i live for this site. so what i need to know is when will you guys come down to l.a.? i need a one on one, or a least a lot more u.s. based dj-ing so that i can find that chill spot right here in sunny so-cal. pretty pleaz :-)' (february 16th, 2004)

tom (stockholm, sweden) - 'i found through the links section of ninja tunes about a week ago, and just want to tell you that it is a great site! i just love "your" mixes!' (february 11th, 2004)

bellil (france) - 'i live in france and we haven t got the chance to listen such good music. congratulation!' (february 7th, 2004)

lawrence (cyberspace...) - 'hi, it seems to have taken me a while to realize this but, you guys are geniuses. i first listened to the guest.mix by dj venom, and it was great. that was it for a while. then i came back and found another guest.mix from j-rocc, and that was great too. i don't know how you do it but, keep up the good work.' (february 6th, 2004)

adie (cyberspace...) - 'had to just drop quick line... clicked on site for first time 5 mins. ago... got mr.scruff playing and seeing what else is on site. have to say top quaility. cheers.' (february 5th, 2004)

john (uk) - 'i found out about milkaudio through listening to great mixes - helping me write up my doctorate thesis. keep it up.' (february 4th, 2004)

steve (guelph, ontario, canada) - 'felix & gani, first of all, your mixes are absolutely amazing, and i love just playing them in the background when I've got friends over! everyone agrees that the mixes are completely fresh and funky.' (february 3rd, 2004)

tom (cyberspace...) - 'i love your muzik. it makes my sundays bearable.' (february 1st, 2004)

mark (uk) - 'wicked site, wicked djs, wicked music, thanks for doing this, what an inspiration... i discovered your website by accident really just looking for websites that feature the music i love, not had my computer very long so i was very pleased to find you almost straight away. you do a great job and i can tell you are passionate about what you do, keep it up. there is some amazing music out there and you have most of them covered on your site. it's difficult to find such varied mixes in the shops so i was excited by my discovery, i have been meaning to email you to congratulate you on your work so after hearing the osunlade mix i felt compelled to do so straight away. like i said, keep up the good work and i'll always be checkin your site. cheers.' (january 30th, 2004)

michael (cyberspace...) - 'yo... milkaudio is da bomb!!!!! i love the streams and the selections!!! top nothc!!! i heard of milkaudio thru various other resources... yahoo's downtempo group and other listings for dope streams etc. plus i've been diggin around the internet for the artists that you host... so... i found it!!! keep up the great work!! big ups!!!' (january 28th, 2004)

glen (cyberspace...) - 'i've been jammin to milk. for over a year now and though i better send some love. awesome music! makes my workday 10x better if i'm jammin milk. i have to say fabric.workshop is tops and i need some more jonathan coe! keep up the good work and thanks.' (january 22nd, 2004)

ingrid (luxembourg, germany) - 'i found your site on philarmonix's homepage. i breathe music so it's nice to get some fresh air!!! ;-) ... i love your site, it's beautiful and full of precious informations!' (january 14th, 2004)

christopher (cape town, south africa) - 'hi there, i must must know when there ae new mixes on the site, i live for milkaudio :) thanks for an awesome site, i have been coming here for ages...' (january 10th, 2004)

jojo (cyberspace...) - 'i heard about the site (repeatedly) on okayplayer. i had heard enough good, i figured i better check it out for myself. i have only visited a couple times but, i was impressed enough to sign up for your updates. looks like a lot of work!' (january 8th, 2004)

simon (uk) - '...i found milkaudio as link from the ninja tune site. i always like to here new sounds and have been picking through some of the sets on your site and, so far kid, what Ive heard is spot on. it's good to know this stuff is out there.' (january 7th, 2004)

james (cyberspace...) - 'you guys rock!!! what a great site / radio station. dudes - i totally respect your integrity - it shines through big style. keep it up. a great selection of guest mixes - lets have more, more, more!!!' (january 7th, 2004)

david (cyberspace...) - 'hey gani an' all at milkaudio, been checking the site for a minute now and thought i'd send a message to say keep up the good work. love the shows and mixes everytime. respect for supporting the good music and best wishes for 2004.' (january 6th, 2004)

adam (manchester, uk) - 'i'm not even gonna say 'this site rocks' blah blah bollocks! but, what i can say... is... milkaudio is what the internet was made for!' (january 2nd, 2004)

gareth (cyberspace...) - 'hi, thought it was time to gave some props for the excellent music resource that is milkaudio... i'm always checking the mixes and they're always spot on (especially speedies audio, compost and milkradio)... looking forward to milk in 04, keep it up!' (january 1st, 2004)

thanks for the feedback. keep it coming because it keeps me going!


'milk. is proudly canadian'